Welcome to Fortis 78.

Mission Statement

To support and contribute to the continued tradition of Kingston College's high achievement, unselfish service, and noble citizenry embodied in our motto, Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest (The Brave May Fall But Never Yield), by donating our time and resources to assist current, and future generations of students achieve their highest potential as they grow to become confident, competent, and productive role models.

This is the official website of the Kingston College Class of 1978, featuring a group of men, the majority of whom first assembled as very young men in the fall of 1973 to pursue a high school education at one of the greatest institutions of learning, Kingston College, Jamaica. The years spent at Kingston College were very memorable and significant, and filled with mostly successful undertakings.

Soon the summer of 1978 arrived and the graduating class of 78 was born. Many walked out the gates of Kingston College in 1978 for the last time to make their mark on Jamaica and the world. More than 30 years have passed since most of us have seen or been in contact with old friends and classmates. Although some are no longer with us, today, with the help of modern technology, FORTIS 78 hopes to reunite the entire class of Kingston College, Class of 78.